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November 1st, 2009, 10:23 AM
Firstly, i apologize if this is in the wrong forum category. I've been procrastinating on this for a while now, because i do not quite have my system complete; but this feature has been usable for a long time now, and i guess that i can start letting others use it...

Anyway, i have http://LinuxIntro.com which is (obviously) a Linux and open source software oriented website. I am too damned busy to keep up with creating new articles, and updating out of date articles, and exploring new areas of Linux and Open Source software to educate myself enough to make articles for others to learn it.

I have been running my unfinished Content Management System on this site (and on my political reform website, that is likewise falling into a state of neglect for the same reasons), and noticed that many others are trying to assist the open source movement by publishing their own articles on their own little home pages, or blogs.

So now it is a community content management system; a hybrid between a wiki, a blog, and a high-end commercial CMS. It allows users who have any at least Level 1 privileges (normal 'users' are level 0) to publish articles and edit articles (even if they did not create it, as sometimes another user may have more experience, and thus more useful information to add to an existing article), and for users with Level 2 privileges to move articles and upload images, and for users with Level 3 (highest you can be) privileges to delete articles and to delete images.

I don't have any publishing guidelines written yet, but for the most part it is common sense. All articles must be filed in the appropriate category (just try your best, and at worst i will just move it to the correct category), and limit only 1 video per article page (articles can have many pages).

When you log in, you can click on "Account" and then "My Website" to enter your own website address for others to see. When a user reads an article you've written, they can click on your name below the article, and see your profile, which will display anything you want to share (website, bio, interests, etc). If you publish an article, you are not limited to keeping it only on Linux Intro. You can publish it on your own site, or any other site; however you cannot delete it, as others may have made a contribution to your article, and that would not be fair to them. You can add YOUR VERY OWN you tube videos that you already have, or any new ones that you make; just remember 1 video per page. Also, if you DO post a video with your article, make sure that what you do and say in the video is typed out in the article's paragraphs. This is not a video site, and so textual content is mandatory for articles; also text is accessible and video is not, so i try to adhere to 801 standards as much as possible (or practicable).

For the record, in case anyone is wondering, this is NOT an attempt to 'steal users' from this website. It is only an attempt to create a more user-engaged, comprehensive, and in-depth informational material for new Linux and Open Source users to benefit from; and to make it MUCH easier to publish content.

Oh, almost forgot, if you have been a member of this forum for longer than 4 months, and have over 200 posts, PM me HERE with your Linux Intro user name, and i will raise your security clearance on Linux Intro so that you can publish articles (otherwise you're only a user). If you already have a moderator/maintainer/admin status here on this forum, then PM me HERE with your user name on Linux Intro and i will raise your security level on Linux Intro.

I know that the site may still look like crap, but i'm about to redesign it again to look much more clean (like i just did with http://Ionisis.com) and presentable. I am brainstorming for ideas atm, and should begin with a new design tomorrow.

Also, if you do not find an appropriate category for your article, then feel free to suggest one; but i believe that i have a fairly comprehensive --yet still generalized-- list to choose from. And please do let me know what you think about this system.

Try to remember that "articles" are not the same as "article pages". An article is an object that is independent from its pages, and has a parent-children --or one-to-many relationship with its pages. You publish the ARTICLE's details, like its title, keywords, and description, and THEN you publish any/all of the pages that belong to that article. You can completely ignore the "previous" and "next" options, as the system takes care of pagination automatically; those are for advanced use, namely, chainlinking disparate articles together (the end of one article leading to the beginning of another).

I have also made a test category for hackers to publish and attempt to hack/destroy/modify-without-permission articles in. If you want to try to hack the site, please do, but if you believe that your hack may result in data loss, then try to limit it to the hacking category so that it is not 'good data'. And, obviously, if you are able to hack this site in any way, please let me know how you did it.

Enjoy, and please do give feedback!

November 1st, 2009, 11:06 AM
Ok, I'll say something.

The fonts on the titles are awful. They look like a 13 year old chose them.

Secondly, do we really need another linux website? What are you going to have content wise that won't be available anywhere else?

Just being honest.

Good luck with it.

November 1st, 2009, 11:14 AM
I said the design sucked; but i'm still not sure what you mean about 'fonts'. It's plain --standard-- sans serif, which is what is best for reading.

The problem is that forums are almost as useful as a pile of crap for a brand new-to-linux user. They need more than question-and-answer formatted information from advanced forum users. New users usually do not know the right questions to ask, and never get the answers they need; and so they need a middle ground to educate them enough to get to the point that they can understand how to ask better questions, and understand the answers. Textual articles with images and video is not being done on very many sites at all --especially for Linux. Just the videos alone for this website have helped 1000s of other new Linux users already. This project can help to streamline the learning process by taking up slack in the areas where the rest of the sites are neglecting.