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October 31st, 2009, 10:31 PM
Hi all.

A wonderfull day today.

After a long time in coaxing and preperation, I have got my mum's files backed up from window$ and she is now using Ubuntu. It was relatively painless and went well, and she is happily doing all she needs to do now, with freedom and feeling good about it. What tickled me was when she opened Evolution to get her emails, and it came up "Expunging deleted messages" she said "What was that? What kind of nerd uses that word these days?................... Oh never mind it worked.". To be polite to my mum, she is a mature lady and does very well, all things considered, and took the change to Ubuntu very well. She has found the support here very good. As have I , which has given me the confidence to recomend Ubuntu to her, without question. Thanks to Canonical and the whole community that make this possible. Her main reason for moving from Window$ was "Those Windows people are robbers and frauds. I want something that works and does what I tell it to".

Brownie points all round!

I thought I should share this at what is probably a frenetic time in the Ubuntu world, with the new release. I like it. Mum is using Jaunty because she liked the name!

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks and best regards.