View Full Version : [ubuntu] More installation hell

October 31st, 2009, 05:05 PM
Well I was all excited last night when I finally figured out how to get 9.04 to load (wouldn't upgrade via manager) so I could upgrade to 9.10. Got 9.10 up and running and all back set up (yea!) and then decided to install Wine and see if the new version of Ubuntu's Wine would run my kids program Wizard101 (online game). Everything was great and I was happy but it only showed the game in a box about 1/3 of my screen so I went in and changed the resolution on the game to full screen. Uh-oh...game disappears but I can hear it in the background. No biggy. Reboot and I will fix the resoultion back.....not.

Now I cant get the machine to boot past the brown screen with the top lit Ubuntu logo. The little animation is not going back and forth and it just sits there. Obviously this is a video driver issue but being a nub I don't know how to reset the video drivers back to default or fix it.

The live disk works fine, fyi.

Can ya help me?

Another freakin needy nub,