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October 31st, 2009, 07:51 AM
Outsourcing sites (or Freelance sites) are websites that match buyers and sellers of internet-provided services. Outsourcing site is a great place where buyers and sellers meet. Buyers who want to outsource their tasks will post job vacancies at outsourcing sites stating their requirements and qualification for the specific project. On the other hand, service providers who want to outsource thier services will bid for the projects; and the buyer shall choose among those who bid for the project he posted on the outsourcing site.
OutsourceXP.com is one of the many outsourcing marketplaces available on the web. Currently, there are over 100,000 freelancers and 50,000 buyers actively using the site, which puts OutsourceXP.com at the top of the list.
With OutsourceXP.com you will be able to post your own project on the site, and start receiving bids from freelancers located throughout the world. A simple web page can be done for as little as USD 50, to as much as USD 5,000. Your job as a buyer will be, as we'll see on future posts, to properly specificate what your project is all about, carefully select the winning bid (the freelancer you'll be working with), and properly going forward with the project.
But the most important thing is - OutsourceX.com is totally free outsourcing website, Other outsourcing marketplace such as GetAFreelancer takes higher commission - 10% of the project amount or $5 (whichever is higher). but OutsourceXP is totally free. they don't charge buyers a cent , neither sellers(freelancers). On other website, buyers and sellers are not allowed to reveal any contact information, otherwise their accounts will be banned, because if the buyers and sellers contact directly, these websites will not get the commissions. but on OutsourceXP, you can post your contact information anywhere, anytime. Because they don't charge freelancers or buyers any commission. Why pay any fees for trying to connect with professional freelancers? Why pay fees to bid on project? OutsourceXP.com offers you the true means to reduce the total cost involved while expanding or launching your new business. Post as many projects as you want, bid on as many as you want. If you are a service buyer, I suggest that you post your project to OutsourceXP.com , the bid amounts will be lower than other websites because OutsourceXP doesn't charge the freelancers to bid or work on projects.