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October 31st, 2009, 12:40 AM

I may write this topic in the wrong subsection, I don't know where it belongs, but it's a feat. request:

I'd like to see a program that purges my Xubuntu from unnecessary drivers that only take up space.

When I install Ubuntu or Xubuntu, following drivers are installed I don't use:

- Video drivers (I use an Intel graphics card, I need to uninstall a whole bunch of drivers like S3, ATI, Nvidia, SIS,...)
- Printers (I don't use printers, I need to uninstall all printer tasks)

I also need to uninstall programs I don't use, like:

- Mail client (the majority of people use a web based mail, it might be better to give the option upon installation for installing the thunderbird mail client)
- Pidgin/trillian (I don't use this)
- Games (I may use one of all games).

After installation of Xubuntu I often spend purging it for a couple of hours.. I think this shouldn't be!


Another idea might be a program that purges, or a manual installer program (upon installing the OS, one can manually select which programs to select and which ones are recommended) would be welcome!
It's much better to install the main OS, and select which programs you want to be installed and which not (from the day to day programs).

When installing the OS, get a menu where the XFCE/Gnome/KDE interface is marked.
Then checkboxes next to items like:

- Games (which games)
- Torrent clients (Azureus, Transmission,...)
- OpenOffice (Draw, Write, Calc,...)
- Browser (Firefox, other browser,..)
- Video Player (MPlayer, VLC, ....)
- Video / Audio codecs (ogg, ogv, MKV, AVI, MPeg4, AVC, AAC, MP3, ...)
- ...

I ask this because I install Xubuntu on a 4Gig USB stick,and I'm getting very little freespace after installing openoffice and some Video/audio codecs.
I know openoffice is large, but I need it for compatibility reasons.

I'm running this OS without a SWAP partition, but still have less than 1GB of free space!

October 31st, 2009, 12:45 AM
Install the mini.iso and build it up from there.

October 31st, 2009, 01:06 AM


Have you thought about installing the minimal CD and building up from there what you want instead of tearing down from full install...

But I do understand what you are getting at about choices during the installation process.