View Full Version : [ubuntu] Boot Ubuntu and Ubuntu studio with XP and Windows 7

October 29th, 2009, 05:50 PM
Hello! Noob here to these forums..

Just wondering if there was anything I need to know to '5'-boot (what else is it called?) Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu Studio 9.10, 2 XP installs, and Windows 7.

I was planning on installing Ubuntu Studio and Windows 7 on the 1st drive (sata drive) and Ubuntu on the 2nd drive (an IDE drive).
Already have the 2 XP installs (and a messed up Ubuntu 9.04 install I'm going to install Ubuntu Studio over) installed on the sata drive, and I have the Windows 7 RC on the IDE drive where Ubuntu 9.10 is going to go.

Couple questions:

1- How would I set one drive's MBR (preferably the IDE drive) to have GRUB and boot both Ubuntu installs and have an option to continue to the win7 bootloader installed in the other (sata) drive's MBR? How to update grub when a kernel update gets installed?
(already use Ubuntu 9.04 and know about menu.lst, just want some pointers...;))

2- Can I set both Ubuntu installs to use the same swap partition?

3- General pointers about the setup?

Thanks for your help!

(edit: never mind, am getting a new computer so I'm not doing this setup anymore)