View Full Version : Super Star Trek missing ncursesw [NOT BSD GAMES]

Augustus Maxim
October 27th, 2009, 08:08 PM
I was browsing ESR's site (http://catb.org/%7Eesr) and came across a game called Super Star Trek (http://sst.berlios.de/) (trek with some different features than BSD trek) that looked fun and the code is not terribly hard to understand. So, wanting to play it. I downloaded it and ran the configure script. But I got an error:

checking for newwin in -lncursesw... no
configure: error: ncurses library is missing on your system.
So I installed libncurses5-dev and ran configure again. I got the same error! I then ran

locate ncurseswWhich returned

I tried changing the ncursesw parameter in the configure.ac file and running autoconf, but still to no avail.

I am pretty much at my wits end with this and would like to know if anyone knows how to solve my problem.

Thank you,

Simply install libncursesw5-dev_5.6. I feel slightly stupid now :)