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October 26th, 2009, 05:20 AM
Hello. Now I have a serious problem with my laptop and I can't use it anymore. I need help bad.

I used to have both Vista and Kubuntu. It was with Vista first, and then someone helped install Kubuntu too, the start-up/booting menu was that Kubuntu as first on the list. Later there was a problem with Kubuntu that it was always with noises after I entered the desktop. I decided to reinstall it, but how I did was:
I deleted its partition on Vista and made its space as free (I wanted to create a new partition, but it was impossible at the time, the option was grayed out). So I reboot my laptop in order to create a new partition inside the system at startup when it was about to (re)install Kubuntu. But there was an error already before my laptop could reboot, it was something like this:
grub stage 1.5
grubbing error please wait...
grubbing error 17
But I shut my laptop down anyway and restarted it, right with the Kubuntu live CD in the CD-ROM, it started reinstalling after I created a new EXT partition. But then the installation couldn't be completed because it said there was a vital error. I had to ignore it and continue... Anyway, the new-installed Kubuntu looked strange, a lot of system folders on the desktop, and I checked the Storage Media, my hard disks D and E were said not to exist (I had C, D and E. C for Vista) Why is that? :confused:
Then I reboot my laptop again, at the very beginning it showed the same error texts and couldn't get to the start-up/booting menu anymore.
I searched some info online, and found out that I need to reinstall grub. But I just wanted to be very sure if this is the only problem that it has right now. And will my files be gone or they are gone already? I am so worried and sad since I'm a newbie to Linux, and I forgot to backup my important files. :(:(
Please help me, I'd appreciate it so much!!

(Please excuse my English and long message)

Edit: BTW, the Kubuntu was 8.10 (upgraded from 8.04) and the reinstallation version is 8.04. I hope this doesn't make any difference to anything...

October 26th, 2009, 07:09 AM
Just go into BIOS and in the hard disk mode select "Auto" don't change anyother option. Then Install Windows if you want to use a dual boot system, Then install Ubuntu. Just make sure you don't screw up the windows partition. Make sure you backup everything that is important. Then check if you get this error again... Hope this helps...