View Full Version : [ubuntu] two Ubuntu kits using parallel+USB printer

October 24th, 2009, 03:00 AM

Recently I had to enable printing on new kit running Jaunty_9.04 while maintaining printing on legacy kit running HH_8.04 kit.

The printer -- an HP_1300 has two (2) printing ports: a parallel and a USB port. The new kit had NO parallel port, so I fed it the USB cable after 1st boot and the printer appeared and functioned automagically. But, I could get nothing from the old kit now fed by the parallel cable.

The "trick"is simple. (Re)-install (the old HP ) a NEW printer on the old kit. It's a couple_CLICKS under SYSTEM --> ADMIN --> PRINTING. That "new" printer is the old HP_1300 with a PARALLEL connection. Yep, the installation carries with it the type of **port**. Once the "new" printer was installed as default on the old-kit everything just worked.

Interestingly, the new kit "defers" to the old when print-jobs are shipped from both computers at the same time.