View Full Version : [ubuntu] install updates offline?

October 22nd, 2009, 02:47 PM
Is there an easy way to install all the updates for Ubuntu when there is no Internet connection to that PC? I have a Mac at home that I can download files from (that's how I got the install disk to begin with) but I need to now get the available Jaunty updates the same way.


October 22nd, 2009, 02:59 PM
What a horrible project you have there ;)

I am not sure how you would know which updates to get unless you had an identical setup elsewhere that did have internet access and by keeping that one up to date would mean you had all the .debs ready to move to the machine without internet access.

Might be easier on your brain, and schedule to wait a week for Karmic, in theory up to date with few updates to worry about, at least for a while.

Or setup Karmic (or Jaunty for that matter) on another machine, with all codecs, updates ects, ect and use remastersys to create a cd with which you can install to the machine with no internet access ?

I am sure someone will come along with much better ideas, but good luck.

To clarify, "horrible project" only in respect of Linux without internet can be tricky ;)

October 22nd, 2009, 03:40 PM
Yes, it is a headache, especially since I'm spoiled on the Mac at home :(

The situation, in case your interested, is that I have a Pentium 4 in a classified secure vault tucked away in a U.S Embassy overseas. It only has Linux installed on it and we use it only for music to add a layer of background noise. The linux box is not allowed on any Internet server, and it can never be removed from the vault. It's stuck.

At home, we all have Apple Macs. that is how I download files, such as Jaunty, burn then to CD, and then bring that into work. If I encounter any problems I have to wait until after work (like now) to download new files and bring them in the next day. It takes DAYS to fix simple things.

My end goal is to simply add VLC so I can play a bunch of Quicktime MP4 H.265 music videos, instead of just the plain music. So far I have not been able. :(

I wondered why no one has created a single package of all updates so users can install from one CD - but I guess they figure everyone has access to the internet so why bother.

The things we do for our county!