View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to increase Xp Partition size on dual boot xp/ubuntu

October 22nd, 2009, 02:19 AM
I have currently dual boot of Ubuntu 9.04 and XP. I installed Ubuntu first and then XP. I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5868. I have about 7 Gbs for XP and i want more (roughly 15-20) gigs. Is there anyway I can increase the partition for XP or do i have to reinstall? I tried to increase it using the Live CD and it only allowed me to shrink it and not increase it.

Mark Phelps
October 22nd, 2009, 02:29 AM
You do realize that you'll have to shrink Ubuntu first to make room for enlarging the XP partition, right?

Also, you would do better booting from a GParted LiveCD (which you can download from distrowatch.com) because, in order to shrink the Ubuntu partition, it must be unmounted -- and the LiveCD doesn't automatically mount any of the partitions.

October 22nd, 2009, 03:09 AM

-Back-up your files.
-When using gparted, uncheck the "round to cylinder" box (something I learned from Herman and got to test recently).