View Full Version : Some minor Mythbuntu 9.10 Problems :)

October 21st, 2009, 04:18 PM
Hi there,

I searched all over but I didn't find anyone else with my problem so I hope maybe someone here has a solution for it :)

When I start Mythfrontend and watch Live TV almost everything works...
The thing that just won't work is edit a channel. First time I press E the editor appears an I can make some changes (xmltv for example). Next time i press E the frontend still works, or at least the live-tv does not stop. But it won't react on any button anymore. I have to stop it from the console..
Ok one might say you can still edit those channels with mythweb, which is far more comfortable... But there no change gets written. I press save after editing some channels but after the refresh nothing changed.
So I did check all logfiles, started mythfrontend with -v all parameter but there is nothing I see thats wrong.

Is there anyone who might help me ;) Pretty please with sugar on top?