View Full Version : [ubuntu] GDM and User List

October 21st, 2009, 01:29 PM

Im running Ubuntu 9.10 Beta, and i having a problem with the user list at the login process, im needing a way to vanish some users from the list, for example: if you install Oracle XE (vanilla) you will get an ugly user "oracle" in your user list or if you need an account for ssh or ftp purposes you will get those users in the list, i really don't want that to happens and i can't get a way to make this possible, any suggestions ?

Note: I have heard a way to do this by setting the UID < 500 but, in my specific case (Oracle XE installation) this is nasty because the user is already installed for a third party (oracle) and that will implied that i need to know all the files belong to this user, so when i do the change i can do a chown in ALL the files without missing a single one.. and that is a very ugly road that i prefer no to take.