View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video Driver startup issue

October 21st, 2009, 12:59 AM
Hello everyone. As you probably see, I'm new. I've recently fell in love with Linux and have an entire PC dedicated to it.

Back to the point: I installed a video driver for my ATI Rage 128 Pro legacy video card. Now before I installed it, the video worked perfectly. The reason I tried to install the driver is b/c my video card is also a TV tuner. I do not have a TV and want to watch it. Long story on why I want to via my PC... But I cannot boot. When I try to boot, it looks like the ubuntu logo (the symbol + text beside it that says "Ubuntu") is burnt into the screen or like it was a bad attempt at making a fading top border (Only way I can describe it) and it is my only PC at my home. I am doing this running Live CD. Is there a way to restore via the Live CD to the default video driver?

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!