View Full Version : Python - reactor.run() just blocks forever

October 19th, 2009, 08:47 PM
Hi All,

I am hoping someone reading this has had prior experience with twisted reactor in python. I have a strange issue I can't seem to figure out...here goes...

Now that deluge 1.2.0 is out, deluge is now using twisted to provide for what is known as DelugeRPC. I can successfully use async callbacks to connect and fetch data from deluge when done from a simple class based script.

However if I then take effectively the same code and use it in a module I then import into another script, reactor.run() just blocks forever. The same .py file I am importing can be called directly and works :confused:

So my question really comes down to why reactor might have issue with running in an imported module when it is fine in a top level script???

A snippet of the code is as follows (not runnable - to have that you would need a large amount of my source), the line in red is what blocks:

class DelugeInfo:

def __init__(self, options):


self.options = options

# create the rpc and client objects
self.d = client.connect(self.options.server, self.options.port)

# We add the callback (in this case it's an errback, for error)

# We add the callback to the Deferred object we got from connect()


except Exception,e:
self.logError("DelugeInfo Init:Unexpected error:" + e.__str__())

def on_get_torrents_status(self,torrents_status):

self.torrents_status = torrents_status

# Disconnect from the daemon once we successfully connect
# Stop the twisted main loop and exit

# We create a callback function to be called upon a successful connection
def on_connect_success(self,result):
self.logInfo("Connection successful")

# We create another callback function to be called when an error is encountered
def on_connect_fail(self,result):
self.logError("ERROR:Connection failed! : "+result)