View Full Version : Set VirtualBox to start up full screened when log in

October 19th, 2009, 04:25 PM
I am wondering, could I theoretically dual-boot via VirtualBox?

Ok, here's the idea;

If I set up an Ubuntu (or some other Linux distro) with VirtualBox with Windows XP installed, could I set it up so that depending on who logs in determines what happens?

Person 1 = boots to Ubuntu, can manually run VB if wants
Person 2 = when logs in, VB immediately starts the Windows XP VM and maximizes it so it takes the entire screen. So effectively, it looks like they are booting "into" Windows from the GDM.

This would be better than dual-booting because there's only one OS to boot into (Linux) and each Windows XP VM can be more focused on each individual's needs.

Downside would be sharing files between sessions, unless the Windows XP uses a network drive (not sure how to use that precisely though).

But first, could VirtualBox be made to automatically start up a Windows XP VM and make it full-screen so that it effectively looks to be running Windows XP only?

-- OR --
(please, no howls of protest)

Would it be better to run VirtualBox in Windows XP and have Ubuntu auto-start for some logins?

My thinking of this is Windows XP doesn't change all that much nor require as many reinstallations (aside from viruses) while Ubuntu updates every 6 months or so.