View Full Version : 9.04, a hauppage 250, and a noob= split video and only 13 channels

October 18th, 2009, 04:27 AM
Title says it all. I installed 9.04 AM64 on a gigabyte microATX board with onboard ATI HD4200 graphics.
I updated the driver to the latex from ATI/AMD, and it looks fine at the desktop.
The 250 card only finds the first 13 channels and then goes to snow, I have tested the hardware and cable with GBPVR/Windows so that is OK.
Those first channels show up as 2 stacked images. Right when I change channels it looks right for a half second. Then the image splits horizontally and I get two squished images.
Audio is there, just quiet.
The Hauppage remote is a no-go so far.
Any ideas?