View Full Version : [other] dwm wont render properly

October 17th, 2009, 07:57 PM
I have the latest beta version of the upcoming Ubuntu release installed through VMware.

I downloaded dwm's source, compiled, and edited .xinitrc to exec dwm .
I renamed /usr/bin/metacity because I couldn't figure out how to kill it (without it relaunching itself; metacity doesn't show up in gnome-session-properties... help???)

So metacity is killed, dwm is running. All I see is my background. When I do the key combo to open a terminal, a terminal flashes on the left half of my screen then it disappears. If I open more terminals, and then get frustrated and restart the machine, I can see flickers of a terminal on the left side and the other others that I've opened tiled on the right side...

Also, sometimes I can see the blue menu bar at the top...

I have a feeling this is related to the video drivers / VMware situation... anyone else?