View Full Version : [kubuntu] Install apps to LiveUSB (No persistance Mode)

October 16th, 2009, 03:54 PM
Hi !!!

This is my first Thread.

I am new in Linux (5 days).

I have install KUbuntu 9.04 in a spare HD (40G) with USB connector and it works very good.

I first start with a LiveUSB (2G) in 'Persistent Mode'. The problem is that if I put this 'LiveUSB' in another computer (in 'Persistent Mode') KUbuntu dont work because the hardware differences. So, to make it work I must use the 'Live Mode' option. The problem of this is that I need the apps that I already install in 'Persistent Mode' !!!.
How Can I make a LiveUSB (2G) that when I use any mode option (Persistent or Live) I can work with all the apps that I already install ?

I need Persistent Mode also so I can run this mode into the portable 'VirtualBox (from SUN)' session in MS Windows (I love this!!!):p. I know it also works in Live Mode so probably this is not so important.

If this is impossible make a liveUSB that when used in Persistent Mode It dont save the Hardware specs but the Apps off course yes.

I know how to make partition so I can put in this partions the apps. Does this can Work ? But then how put the links to this apps ?

I hope you all understand me I am not english native. Sorry for my english.

Thank you all.
Bog, Col, SA