View Full Version : [all variants] Installing X on a server

October 16th, 2009, 12:38 AM
Not really an Ubutu specific question but since Im an Ubuntu user and have an account here thought Id ask here.

right the question is how would you install say for example gnome via ssh on a dedicated server?

And would it be the same procedure for kde or xfce etc?

This would be to remote desktop into a dedicted server, I understand the vnc would need to be setup on the server and client.

is there any issues or diferences if your connecting from a windows box or a Linux box

This isnt a question for something I need to sort myself but I work for a web hosting company on tech support who offer un-managed dedicateds and I think it would be alot easier to talk someone through using a gui rather than ssh

Ive been a linux user for some time but when it comes to bash I still need to look certain things up for myself now and then

Ive had a look around but cant find any decent guides so would appreciate any advice

And because we are unmanged servers we only get trained in control panels and arent supposed to sort anything beyod that but personally I like to do my best and servers are defintley an area that Linux can dominate and I would like to try and help with that by converting as many server owners to Linux