View Full Version : [gnome] a better GNOME Clock, esp. for multi-nation users

October 15th, 2009, 06:48 PM
Any KDE users out there with comments too?

Soon I'll be posting/searching some feature requests to the GNOME applets Clock and Weather Report. (Let my unemployed creativity go to good use!) I am posting here for critique and discussion from other multi-nation Ubuntu users.

Adding additional time/location to the panel Add to Panel > Clock (AKA customizing your own world clocks)
Current behavior:
Each location is unlabeled, you either remember/deduce based on position or mouse-over/click to check

Requested Feature:
Under Left click > Preferences > Locations > (highlight a location) > Edit there should be a check box for "Display location name on panel"
Perhaps: when the checkbox is clicked, a window to edit the label name is un-shaded

Another option is to simply set multiple locations within the default Clock in the upper right corner. Clock 2.26.0 can add more than one location, world map with daylight projection and icons for each location and also sports a "Set Location as Current Location" feature useful for travelers
Current Behavior:
Location info hidden at login, must click applet for panel drop-down each login
this happens even when GNOME's Startup Applications Preferences > Options > "Automatically remember running applications when logging out" is selected
Multiple locations appear below map; map and Locations show/hide together

Feature Request
Option to show Clock's multiple locations at login
Option to hide map for those saving on screen space
Option to hide calendar
Show/hide for analog graphic on each Location

Weather Report is quite similar to Clock; one would hope that the "Display label on panel" code (top) could also readily be incorporated there too

If there are applets (or dev versions) that handle these usability features better than Clock, I look forward to learning about them, though I'm curious why they aren't in Ubuntu 9.04


October 15th, 2009, 08:46 PM
Another option is to simply set multiple locations ...
Current Behavior:
Location info hidden at login, must click applet for panel drop-down each login

When displayed (ie after clicking), the toggled panel dropdown has behavior to stay on top of new or moved windows selected afterwards. (Bad for the Close Window X, amongst other things)

Feature request should include "optional on-top behavior" within Preferences > Locations > (new display options). An implication of this would also be that the toggle shading be disabled.

October 30th, 2012, 11:49 PM
Such an old thread but I was looking for somewhere to make a feature request for the gnome clock applet and this is all I found.

My request is simple and fun from the user's perspective and is something that I, as an international user, would use all the time:

Often I look at the times in other countries to arrange or agree to a skype call or meeting. There are various meeting planners but they are cumbersome and often I'm responding to an email or conversation where the user has just suggested a time.

In the expanded view, under the world map (which I'd like the option to remove, cute though it is) - have a slider version of a clock - just a bar, unlabelled covering 24 hours. It would have a blob showing the current time.

Press and hold the blob and you can slide it in either direction, updating all of the clocks to match. Release it and it pings back to the current time.

Now I can pop open the app and quickly slide it to show any time in any timezone (I just look at the relevant clock and slide the bar to display the appropriate time). Then I can see at a glance what time that would be in my time zone without needing to do any mental arithmetic.

When I release the bar it would pop back to the actual time.

Of course, it could be really slick and use the clocks themselves picking up the hour or minute hand somehow but that would be a lot more complex to implement.

Quick, intuitive to use, fun and useful!