View Full Version : [ubuntu] Folders appear empty in Nautilus while not empty

October 14th, 2009, 09:03 AM
To avoid confusion, what I describe here has nothing to do with "." hidden files. I am referring to plain, visible sub-folders.
For unknown reasons, I regularly "see" my folders in Nautilus described as empty, with 0 items indicated in the bottom left of the window. And they are not: I can for example open a file with an application while Nautilus cannot see it, or the folder that contains it. And some times, even during the same session, the folders magically reappear when I navigate in Nautilus.
I guess I should mention that this occurred after I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a new computer (Dell Inspiron 545MT), and transferred the content of my former Ubuntu 9.04 Home folder to the new one.
Any idea?