View Full Version : [ubuntu] serious error program needs to close

October 14th, 2009, 04:43 AM
so im getting tired... ive tried so many ways to get wow to run. i finnaly got it to install where i want it to in wine. now when i run the program i get an error saying program ran into a serious error and needs to close ill attach the error msg. ive searched online all day and havnt found anything usefull to my problem. all i know is wine had a serious error runnning the program and it wont open. ive tried adding the -OpenGL to the wow.exe file still nuthing. im running ubuntu jaunty 9.04 and i have the newest program of wine available. i have a nvidia grafics card or driver. not too sure what to call it. well if anyone can help me on how to get wine to run world of warcraft with out this error would be great.

on a second note i also get error #132 sumthing about memory or sumthing, ill attach the eror msg as well.

Thank You for replying and any help is appriciated i know im a green for ubuntu and linux but i really like it and wish to keep it but its tough with so many things not working, makes me feel sad when i read about how wow is platnum for working under wine. i really dont know what im doing wrong ive tried following the how-tos and they only get me so far before i run into an error.

October 14th, 2009, 06:08 AM
There's probably a simple fix but if you want someone with expertise in that area you'd be better served by changing the thread title to something a little more descriptive like "Error Running WOW in Wine". Sorry I don't use wine myself. Hope I am not stepping on any toes - just trying to help.