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October 7th, 2009, 11:12 PM
I've been working through setting up LDAP on my ubuntu server following directions on https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html

I'm stuck on TLS and SSL section

I've gone through and created the Certificate Authority, several times, and the server key and the server certificate. But once I enter them into cn=config and try to restart slapd, it won't start.

in /var/log/syslog I get
Oct 7 06:52:00 pdc slapd[6856]: main: TLS init def ctx failed: -1

which I understand from googling is a problem with ssl certs or key

just ran openssl x509 -in /etc/ssl/certs/cacert.pem -noout -text and it spewed out lots of pretty info about the cert I created. It did the same when I ran that command against the server crt which I created. I'm not sure how to check the server.key file

Any assistance is greatly appreciated

October 8th, 2009, 05:55 AM
I got it following instructions here http://islandlinux.org/howto/installing-secure-ldap-openldap-ssl-ubuntu-using-self-signed-certificate I'd love to figure this out with certs signed by a certificate authority, but I'll take self signed.

November 29th, 2009, 11:37 AM
I think this link will solve the problem if you have created your own CA certificates and to use those for SSL/TLS