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October 7th, 2009, 01:14 PM
I'm sick to death of Windows media centre. Most of it works reasonably well, but the guide messes up regularly and my latest hardware, keeps dropping mu USB tuners. So I'm thinking of switching to mythbuntu. I'm not a linux guru, but do run linux as my desktop OS and write code for a living, so not a complete newbie.

Mythbuntu would be perfect for me from the viewpoint of watching and recording live TV. I have 3 media centres and it would allow me to properly share recorded media. Brilliant. The thing that is putting me off, is the apparent lack of support for bluray. I know there are lots of bad things about the format, but the reality is, most ';normal' users like me, have a collection of bluray disks, will continue to buy them whilst doing the weekly shop and just want to be able to play them on my media centre.

A bit of googling and it looks like a proper pain to get them working! I would be prepared to pay for some software if it gets me a better working media centre network, although that would go against the grain a bit! Is it really worth me looking at installing mythbuntu? I don't want to destroy a mostly working MCE, only to have to rebuild it with vista again :-(

Any advice (not of the don't play BluRays flavour) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance