View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install doesn't "stick"...

October 6th, 2009, 03:35 PM
I have a Windows Vista Ultimate system with the latest Sun Virtual Box software installed. I was able to install the Windows 7 RC on there with no issues whatsoever using their .iso but when I download Ubuntu 9.04 .iso and click the install option - sigh.

It never seems to really install. It goes through the motions of asking me what language I want, creates the partition, and so on and everything seems to have gone great. It asks me to reboot the virtual box, which it does automatically and then I am presented with this screen. Again:


...and the whole process starts over again. This is the screen where I chose to select "Install Ubuntu" from the very beginning - what gives? Not sure what is going on here? Any help you folks can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

Sincerely -