View Full Version : Python + cx_Freeze users ? (and an intro)

October 5th, 2009, 12:45 AM
First some side notes: Jump to "The Problem" in bold, to skip the boring stuff.

I don't know if this goes in this forum more than a general support forum as I don't know if the problem is with my feezing process or an issue with my Kubuntu install. So apologies if this needs to be moved somewhere more appropriate..

I'd rather not get into a protracted debate about why I want to freeze my work to produce executables, especially on a *Nix OS where 95% of installs come with Python, or get into a debate about dependencies.. I just don't feel right telling people "if you want to try this out, you have to go find X, Y & Z, oh and X needs A needs D, and Y needs B, C, D, & E packages too.

That being said.. I am a new programmer (if you can call me that yet). I have always wanted to learn but struggled with self-teaching, did the whole blowing my parents money on books when I was in my teens deal, etc.. Never could pick up anything. But the past few weeks I have slowly been learning to use Python (Activestate 2.6 on Vista). I have made some pretty good progress, although I hit a phase where I was looking to jump ship to another potentially easy to learn language that was cross-platform and had an easy deployment process (unlike python it seems) or just going windows only and whatever else would make my life easier.

I still don't understand distutils, easy_install, etc.. Like a true Windows "slave" I'd rather compile EXE's and distribute them so they can be put anywhere, clicked and run.

Py2EXE works great for this. cx_Freeze also worked great for producing Windows executables as well. Problem is now trying to get a clickable EXE on Linux. Because I am really putting for an effort to be cross-platform.

The Problem
I got my Python env. all setup on a Virtualbox'd Kubuntu 9.04 install. Got all my dependencies I've been using in Windows, etc and its pretty much the same install. Everything works great in that regard.. I can "python mygame.py" and it will run just fine.

cx_Freeze gives me a nice executable in my build directory. But I can only run my program from the Terminal ?? I don't understand why this is. My permissions appear to be set properly, even when checking under my standard user with "ls" I get an x in every category. But the program doesn't run.. I tried making a shortcut to it too, no go.. Just get a generic listing in the taskbar until it times out.

So far the application is only a console app, but I plan to implement a GUI soon, either way I can run it fine by double-clicking with my Win32 executable, but the EXE produced under Kubuntu does not run at all unless I open a Terminal and use bash..

Is this a question of cx_freeze needing some special indicators from me/my build script? Or is it an issue with Kubuntu in particular ?

Hope someone can help out here.. I really don't want to go through the whole "here are the bytecodes and data files, good luck with the dependencies chumps!" Its just not an option from my viewpoint.

I want to build apps that a user can download a zipfile, extract to an arbitrary directory, and click the EXE and it runs.. Just like if you clicked Firefox or any other application. Do I need to make some kind of bash/shell script, or do a special packaging routine or, is it something else these other developers do to get one-clickers ?