View Full Version : Unable to connect to database on server

October 1st, 2009, 10:28 AM
I am somewhat at a loss, I have tried to install Mythbuntu on to a small Dell 5150C, each time the setup fails to connect to the database. I even tried connecting directly to MYSQL, same thing, wrong password. So seeing as this machine is not important, a reinstall will not bother me. So that is what I have done about 6 times :-) I even went so far as to download another ISO and try again.

Finally I gave up last night and installed Ubuntu, then followed that by the Mythbuntu install, would you belive all tickety boo now! Well apart from for some reason Myth not filling the screen and a toolbar top and bottom (Would not mind knowing why it has done that too)

Is this all a conspiracy to make sure the WAF gives me grief about the time I am spending.

Regards Paul.