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ali rana
September 29th, 2009, 04:22 PM

i am a new programmer to python and developing a downloader application which can run on windows and linux (if it can). i have a working experience in C and C++. can any one help me out that how a downloader actually works? what is the statistics of a downloader? how it will be coded? can any one post the source code of any downloader? through which i can get idea that how will it be designed? i want to create a very simple application not much complexity. like main and basic options of any downloader.

September 29th, 2009, 04:28 PM
You can get the source for wget (which is the de facto standard download program for Linux) from the GNU FTP.


A bit simpler is fetch, which is the program used on BSD systems. Tell me if you would like the source for that.

September 29th, 2009, 05:28 PM
To write a downloader written in python you'd probably want to familiarize yourself with the urllib2 module:

There are examples near the end of the page.

ali rana
September 29th, 2009, 06:58 PM
thnx Bachstelzes (http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=51114) for your help. ya if have its code plz let me borrow it.

ali rana
October 9th, 2009, 06:38 PM
can any one else help me out a bit more about my problem?

October 9th, 2009, 06:57 PM
Here you go

ali rana
October 13th, 2009, 06:34 PM
thnx Bachstelzes.

ali rana
October 13th, 2009, 06:36 PM
thanks unutbu for your help