View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install procedure stops after booting the "install" option

September 27th, 2009, 10:14 PM
// edit: OH, nevermind. After trying many many boot options, I've found that noacpi nolapic noapic gets the job done. Remove this thread if you want, please.

Doesn't matter which CD I use... I've tried Kubuntu and Ubuntu (9.04), same thing. Even alternate versions.

Notebook is:
- Intel ICH4 laptop (Celeron 2.4), from 2003. 512 RAM. Integrated intel graphics (850 or something). So, it's OLD, should be well supported by now.

Problem is:
- After starting from CD, I select "install Ubuntu..." (or kubuntu, see above). It becomes blank, cursor blinks, then after 30 seconds it stops, CD stops running. I've tried the option to "see" the boot sequence. It goes a while (all that usual verbose blah) and then stops after saying something about PREFETCH WINDOW, then hangs.

Some clue?

ps.: after some years (used fedora, arch, ubuntu (5.XX), nice to go back)