View Full Version : [ubuntu] repartitioning using parted command

September 25th, 2009, 07:15 AM
I am using
$ sudo parted
command for resizing my partition I seen in my gparted tool that in the Partition tool on toolbar> resize/move option in hidden, thats why i am using this command but i m confused about
how to use
(parted)resize number start end
here is my partition sizes
partition file system mount point size sizeused unused first sector lastsector
/dev/sda5 ext3 / 13.97GiB 13.27GiB 716.62MiB 176136723 205439219
/dev/sda6 ext3 /home 45.50 GiB 18.58 GiB 26.91 GiB 205439283 300849254
/dev/sda7 linux swap 5.59 GiB 300849318 312576704

i dont want to lose my data.Please guide me


September 26th, 2009, 04:05 AM
It's better to be safe and run the partitioning tool from a LiveCD or other boot-disk. You'll want a Ubuntu LiveCD of the type of Ubuntu you have installed.
To resize the Linux partitions, you want to use the Gparted/Partition Editor to do the resizing it helps to have the visual guide.
You want to use the LiveCD because you can't work on a partition that is 'mounted', which means one the computer is currently working with or looking at.