View Full Version : [ubuntu] New Build: Dual Boot Win 7, Ubuntu, Single HDD

September 25th, 2009, 05:48 AM
I'm about to start assembling the new PC. I have a 200GB HDD that I'll use for my OS's and I have 2x1000GB drives that I'm going to use for other data.

The thing is that I've had a Windows Vista install disc with the Win 7 upgrade form (I had intended to build and use this PC a while ago). It seems a shame to have to install Vista this close to Win 7 release but I think that I probably will.

I figure that I'll initially split the 200GB drive into 100GB Windows and 100GB Ubuntu partitions by using the Ubuntu Live CD and gparted. I'm not worried about space on this drive and will just split it 50/50 to keep life simple. I intend to install the OS, all programs (and probably games) to this HDD, all other data (maybe the game installs - I've got XPlane and those maps take up gigs and gigs of room) will be kept on the other larger HDDs (which are backed up by external HDD).

I install Windows to the first partition. Ubuntu to the second partition. That should be simple enough for me to accomplish.

I'm assuming that with all going well GRUB should see Vista, install perfectly, and allow me to choose between OS's at start-up.

Q1: How do I get Wubi to automatically boot into Windows by default after, say, a 10 second wait? I have to edit the order of the OS's in menu.lst, don't I?

Q2: Should I wait for my Win 7 upgrade? Upgrade Vista to Win 7 and then install Ubuntu after I've gotten windows sorted out? I'm assuming that I'm going to have issues with booting after the Vista to Win 7 upgrade if I have Unbuntu installed. I'm in no great rush to get Ubuntu up and running.