View Full Version : [mythbuntu] 9.04 missing desktop

September 24th, 2009, 11:28 AM
So I'm a pc convert trying to get 9.04 working and I'm already stuck at the desktop resolution stage. Geforce 7100 outputting to 46in DLP TV. Have already activated Nvidia 180 drivers. Ubuntu has correctly established my tv's resolution as 1280x720. What I can't understand is why I don't see the whole desktop - there is no bar at top and lots of space around the edges - d. I had read somewhere that it maybe possible to give xorg the dimensions of the tv in aiding proper scaling of the desktop...does anyone know a solution to my issue? X Server shows my dpi at 100 btw

September 24th, 2009, 12:19 PM
maybe you've to adjust your monitor.

September 24th, 2009, 06:20 PM
my monitor is a Samsung 46in DLP TV - there's not much adjustment to do on it that I can see...

September 26th, 2009, 02:12 AM
For anyone interested, or sharing the same kind of misery... After a solid 1 1/2 days on this, I spied another old post detailing my tv and the 'other' HDMI input - turns out that all are not created equally.

The other input (in this case, 1) is labeled HDMI/DIV - it works differently - after selecting PC as input, opens up alternative menu selections and, more importantly, corrects the screen output to adjust for overscan.

Just in case anyone with similar tv wants to save 18 hours or so...