View Full Version : LaTeX/LyX 2html in reasonable way?

September 24th, 2009, 09:58 AM

My problem is this:
I have fair documentation written with lyx, and i'm having trouble converting it to html in such way, that tree view would be shown on the left in htm.
I've tried latex2html and elyxer, but neither have option to hardcode frames into html. So all my results end in having html that is very similar to dpf output i get straight from lyx.
Real problem is the navigation inside the html. With normal tools we'll have settle for browsing through the manual with up/next/previous without seeing the tree.

I could do the frames by hand, but then i would need to do them again every time that i make changes to the documentation.

Closest thing i came across while googling was Doxygen. Which is good, but doesn't translate latex/lyx files. Instead it just merely uses them as tools in generating docs from source code of applications.

Anyone know a tool to convert lyx/latex to html in same way that doxygen's doxywizard does?
Anyone had success in forcing elyxer/latex2html to do the frames?