View Full Version : [ubuntu] Brasero some folders not accesible in standaloneDVD player

September 22nd, 2009, 06:37 PM
I have burnt a DVD with Brasero. It contains 4 folders with .jpg photos 1 folder with various video formats and an .avi video not in a folder.
All can be opened (and played) in the computer(s) but on trying it in DVD players connected to the TV (I've tried 2 different players) the .avi video plays automatically; two of the folders can be browsed and the photos viewed; the rest of the folders appear as empty.
I have checked the permissions and settings of all the original folders and they appear to be the same.

I have now burnt the disk again with the non-opening folders renamed with the numbers 1 & 2 before them (to raise them up the order in which they appear) and they open, and play!

Any ideas what is going wrong?