View Full Version : [SOLVED] wubi startup problem

September 21st, 2009, 01:04 PM
can't even begin to use this tool. was wanting to try xubutnu again, seeing as it should be more polished than what it was 2 years.

this is as far as i can get using wubi, which is absoluely no where.
this thing is officially supported by ubuntu? this is listed as event id 26.

see attachment

ok, downloaded the regular xubuntu iso file, burned it to cd, ran the wubi from there and still get exact same error!! wtf?!!

edit 2:
got xubuntu installed, after reading a ton of problems with wubi. it was either the card reader causing issues, or just the simple fact that i had to hit continue 10 times after that first error and then 2 more times after second error, which i forget what it was exactly.

oh, the joy (that's sarcasm, btw!)