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September 20th, 2009, 11:06 PM
Just putting some code out there if anybody is interested (link (http://riotingpacifist.blogspot.com/))
I'd appreciate feedback on the design, the code and even the blog, as you'll see I'm new to all this.

what: A simple framework to switch the services your pc offers depending on what network its connected to.
how:Using a framework similar to that of runlevels, with additional sections for custom scripts, switching configs, changing firewalls(IPtables).
More secure - You can't compromise samba if it doesn't run when I connect to your network, you can't catch me on your wifi if you cant ping me (well you can but most people don't know how)
More convenient - I'm to lazy to run "sudo myscript" after every connection
Faster boot time - If your not connecting to any networks (about the same if your networking is configured to connect before login)
Vista can do it - Vista has similar functionality to protect its users and ill be dammed if I cant have it to

It is unrelated to a similar projects for mandriva Linux & windows

To mods: apologies if this is in the wrong forums as its not support or really Ubuntu related i figured this was the most appropriate, but feel free to move it.