View Full Version : need good C++ IDE

September 20th, 2009, 06:06 AM
So i have a Windows Vista Computer and Ubuntu Laptop I use the ubuntu to laptop to take notes in class and my vista computer for everything else. as it much more powerful. I am trying to teach myself C++ but i can't find a good IDE for linux. I have been using Visual Studio for Vista and i love it unforunatly from what i found off google visual studio wont work with wine. I was thinking of running a virtual machine but the ubuntu laptop is just old with a slow processor and it hangs with ubuntu sometimes let alone ubuntu and another os on top. I have tried 4 IDE's. Eclipse, Anjuta, code::blocks, and Monodevelop. I like eclipse and mono a bit but i couldn't get a program i have been working on to run. Mono didnt like the cin command no matter where i put it and Eclipse didn't let me input anything. I am completely new to C++ and Ubuntu. Before C++ i was VB.net and i wanted to branch out. If anybody has a good tutriol on using one of the ide;s I mentioned or nows of a good one let me know.

also 2 other things I need to seemlessly switch between windows and Ubuntu so a cross platform IDE would be great.

And i want my complied programs to run on both linux and windows. Im really confused on this whole subject but from what i understand its based on libraries. Is there any library i can use for windows and Ubuntu so i write the program once and it just works on both or only needs a little rewriting to work on the other. I would prefer to do the reweriting for linux and have it nativly work on windows.

Sorry about the long post. thanks in advance.