View Full Version : [kubuntu] Need help switching WIFI drivers please

September 19th, 2009, 07:51 PM
Hi guys, i recently installed Backtrack 4 PRE on a 20GB partition of my new laptop. I have an Atheros 9281 pre N WIFI card in it.
I already posted on Backtracks forums but it hasn't been approved my a mod yet.
The problem is, WICD is the default wireless manager which i have no problem with. The problem is that the default wifi drivers loaded are WEXT drivers but i have downloaded the madwifi drivers through synaptic and installed them and want to switch to them, but when ever i switch to anything other than wext, i lose all connectivity. Even when i change drivers and reboot i still ahve the problem and it's only resolved by switching back to wext.

Can someone PLEEEEEEEASE help me switch successfully to the madwifi drivers.