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September 19th, 2009, 04:02 PM

I've reacently bought the following hardware:
intel core i7
asus p6t se
3gb ddr3
2 sata 2 hard drives
asus 4550 video card with ati chipset
an asus widescreen (1440 x 900)

I've tried to install ubuntu 9.04 on my pc but it runs terribly slow, and there seems to be a certain bug, when i go to the "display" application the computer crashes, and by that i mean that it takes about 1 minute to open a terminal and reboot the pc.
Besides that, the hole sistem is running really slow, even slower than with my old cpu(an old 3ghz celeron) and hardware. This can't be right.
And the problem is only with linux, windows xp runs much faster than before and the games and applications runt perfectly.

Just for the record, i'm not really a windows fan, so i find it kind of odd that linux is running much slower, it used to be the other way around. I used to keep linux as the base OS but i can't do that anymore due to this problem.

On my previous pc i had ubuntu 8.04.1 that worked just fine, so i tried to switch back to that. I've downloaded ubuntu 8.04.3 and tried to install it. The problem is that when i can't get past the partitioning stage because there is *nothing* detected, no partitions, no hard drives, nothing. I'd really like to install ubuntu 8.04.

I don't know why this problems occur, i suspect it could be because of the new hardware, altough fedora for example seemed to run just fine.

I would really apreaciate it if somebody could help me with this,

September 19th, 2009, 10:18 PM
Really...ubuntu 9.04 runs painfully slow. It takes about 15-20 seconds from the time i type my username & pass until my desktop wallpaper appears, and then i clicked the "applications" tab in gnome and it took another ~15 seconds until the menu showed up. After that the menu seems to work but still all the applications i open start and run kind of slow.
I haven't changed any of the system/programs/boot configuration, so it's a clean install with no modifications.

This used to be much faster on my old hardware configuration so something is not right.
For example with my old cpu & stuff i could use the applications menu in less than 5 seconds counting from the time i type my account password.

On the other hand, i can't even install 8.04 because of the annoying install problem i told you about, no partitions or disks are showing up during the install process.

Nobody has any hint about what's going on? Maybe somebody who already has a core i7 could tell me if he has the same problem, at least i'll know if this is a compatibility issue with the cpu/mobo and the kernel/ubuntu.

I'll try to see if linux mint has the same issues, i know it's based on ubuntu. As i said before, for example fedora seems to run ok but the thing is i don't want to get too far from ubuntu/debian distros because i already got used to ubuntu and i really like it.

Any ideas...?