View Full Version : [ubuntu] So much trouble with Samba

September 19th, 2009, 09:58 AM
Recently I moved fully over to Ubuntu Linux platform. However rarely any problem takes me more than a few hours to solve. By far Samba has eaten over 3 days and 1 day complete without sleep.

The default smb.conf and GUI integration would not work. I kept having this everyone SID problem which I have tried countless howtos on ubuntuforum and on search engines including workarounds from the bug reporting function.

In the end tweaking the smb.conf will not fix this issue. I dumped the entire smb.conf file and used someone elses template to finally get this issue working.

The thing is I last used Ubuntu back in 2006/7 if I'm not mistaken and I don't remember having so much issues with Samba file sharing.

Can someone highlight why this is so?