View Full Version : Laptop down, iPhone to go next...

September 19th, 2009, 05:29 AM
After using Jaunty on my main home PC for a bit, buying a Dell Mini 9, playing with OSX, finding it a little too slow and a little too big for the 8GB SSD, trying Jolicloud (which is painfully crashy) and then installing Karmic on the Netbook, I feel that it may nearly be time to migrate fully from OSX.

My iPhone 2G is on a Pay as you go tariff and I don't want an 18 month (let alone 12 month) contract for my next phone.

I'll admit, I have been in love with Apple products for too long now, and after using Karmic for a little while I feel like I could fully switch to Ubuntu.

I have seen that T-Mobile will be bringing out a new Android phone in October called 'Pulse', it will be 180 (20 more than what I paid for the iPhone) and looks pretty nice.

I would like to be running everything Linux before then, but as my main PC is currently running OSX86 and my media disk is HFS+, I have a few issues.

-I need a photo management program as good as Adobe Lightroom to run in Linux. If Lightroom runs through Wine, then so be it.
-I will need to keep my iPhone for the time being, and I'd have to run a Windows XP vm for iTunes. Would a SMB share work or should I just use Virtualbox's built in file sharing?
-Would it be best to do a full backup of my media disk to another disk and then reformat it to ext4 rather than try to read and write to HFS+ in Ubuntu?
-What's better at converting avi and mkv to mp4? Damnvid or Handbrake.

Thanks, hopefully soon I will be all Linux with your help!