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September 18th, 2009, 06:21 PM
Hi everyone, I am just getting started and am brand new to Ubuntu & Linux. I am setting up an older laptop for a friend to use. I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and then ran updates from a plug in ethernet connection.

I am trying to install a LINKSYS WPC54GX VER.2 drivers using ndiswrapper in an IBM Thinkpad (20A) Pentium III

I installed ndiswrapper via the "add programs" menu under "applications".

I also downloaded the newest drivers for the Linksys card in zip format and extracted them to a folder on the desktop. I also understand from other posts on the forum that i need the .inf & .sys
files for ndiswrapper to run the card.

so I then attempt to use "windows wireless drivers" (System-adminstration-window wireless drivers)

The program will only let me install the NETANI.INF file.

When I do this .... the Linksys card comes alive and I can see it find my wireless signal.
I then put in my WPA password and then it tried to connect but cannot. I verified my wireless password and even tried to connect thru my neighbors "open" wiFi signal next door. It will not connect.

Another problem is that I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and it says I cannot change root settings because I am not the administrator. need to fix that.

I am stumped.

People are saying that I have to install both the sys and inf files for the card to work.

Can someone help me get this running ?