View Full Version : [SOLVED] ubuntu and just watching tv

September 17th, 2009, 04:01 AM

I know Ubuntu can be used with mythtv and / or other programs to make a full entertainment center (e.g., dvr, etc).

What if all I want, at this point in time, is to simply watch TV while in Ubuntu; could I easily do so?

Later if I feel more comfortable I will want to expand into dvr, etc. For now, though, I just want to watch TV while in Ubuntu. Other than installing mythtv, is there anything else I must do?


September 17th, 2009, 04:45 AM
Kaffeine (KDE) or MeTV (Gnome) can be used to watch and operate your digital TV device.

September 17th, 2009, 05:14 AM
sudo apt-get install tvtime