View Full Version : [other] Screen glitches after installing LXDE

September 16th, 2009, 09:12 PM
I installed LXDE recently on my Eee PC 1000HEB. Interestingly, resuming after suspend is now working. Also interestingly, I am getting occasional screen glitches that include both flickers (merely an annoyance) and the screen displaying all one color (often it's just black but I have seen green and orange as well). I have found I can get the screen to display normally again if I suspend and resume while the screen is frozen.

Has anybody seen anything like this? I searched a bit for a bug on launchpad but only found some bug from last year that claims to have been fixed. I will submit a bug report if I can verify that other people experience this problem too. At the moment I only know that I am experiencing this, but not really how to replicate it reliably, which factors affect it, etc.

EDIT: I just remembered that I enabled UXA acceleration a while back. I will disable that and see if I still see this issue or not.

EDIT 2: After disabling UXA I haven't had this happen for a few hours. I guess I will mark this as solved until/unless it recurs.