View Full Version : [ubuntu] Desktop Video Capture w/ Compiz

September 16th, 2009, 12:20 PM
Could someone point me in the direction of a desktop video capture that works with compiz?

September 16th, 2009, 02:03 PM
OK I found recordmydesktop worked well enough and made a little script for it:

Install recordmydesktop and zenity

sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop zenity

Download an icon (http://www.iconfinder.net/ajax/download/png/?id=18270&size=128) for it and then copy it to .local/share/icons/video.png

cp 1253105813_cam_unmount.png ~/.local/share/icons/video.png

Save the following file to desktopcapture

# Toggle desktop recording
if pgrep recordmydesktop; then
echo "killing zenity notification"
kill `cat /tmp/desktopcapture` 2> /dev/null
echo "killing recordmydesktop"
killall recordmydesktop
FOLDER=`basename $HOME`
echo "opening zenity dialogue"
zenity --info --text="Video saving to <i>$FOLDER</i>..." --title="Desktop Capture" --width=250 --window-icon="$HOME/.local/share/icons/video.png" &
echo "starting recordmydesktop"
recordmydesktop &
echo "starting zenity notification"
zenity --notification --text="Recording Desktop" --window-icon="$HOME/.local/share/icons/video.png" &
echo $! > /tmp/desktopcapture

Then make executable and copy into path

chmod +x desktopcapture
sudo cp desktopcapture /usr/local/bin

Then bind a keyboad shortcut to it - in whichever way suits you best. (Metacity, Compiz or Keyboad Shortcuts.)