View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution Mail Problem Overloads System

September 15th, 2009, 04:55 PM

Been having a problem where, a few minutes after signing into Ubuntu (9.04) user account on laptop and after few minutes normal use, system suddenly - very quickly - becomes overwhelmed. Mouse pointer stops moving, and when moving - staggers. Can't run anything (other than Terminal - Ctrl-Alt-F1, log in, shutdown - if I'm quick). Even menus don't work though this problem may be from something else. This happens every time I log on.

Once I had many (I counted 27) little note windows popping up (2 had Evolution Mail icons - none had any writing). Another time I noticed there where many Evolution mail processes in memory. Another time, when I had System Monitor open at this time and noticed processor usage going from about 20% quickly up to 100% I swapped to Processes Tab and saw many Evolution processes mostly taking up 4MB memory each. Could not check much as System Monitor quickly stopped working.

After seeing this I uninstalled a few Evolution Mail packages (I think I could uninstall about 4 without effecting Akiga. This worked. This time instead of the system becoming overwhelmed I got a message:
Couldn't execute command: evolution --component=mail
Verify that this is a valid command.
This is the first time I've logged in so can't say whether this message will keep popping up. Have been running all day and no problem.

System is standard install Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop 32-bit. No updates. This is only after I reinstalled to try sort out problem, reinstalls (no reformatting data partition, once reformatted swap partition, once didn't) didn't work. Before reinstall install was standard plus extra packages and all updates.

I would like to use Evolution Mail and hopefully not spend hours trying to find and fix problem!!

Thanks for any advice on this :)