View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ekiga 'user is not available.'

September 15th, 2009, 03:29 PM
This MUST be simple. Surely ....

Having had trouble with audio in Skype, I set up Ekiga in 9.04.

My sister (WinXP) did the same.

Both of us have configured Ekiga as in registering it, and have received e-mails detailing our Ekiga usernames, passwords, etc. So we have our SIP addresses added into 'Contacts', and configured our audio settings as per our PC's hardware. So far so good ..

We both exited Skype - if that's any help - but we can't connect with Ekiga.

We're 'Online' according to Ekiga's gui, but when we try to call, we both get, 'user is not available.'

I have a wireless modem-router. There is a little icon at the bottom of my Ekiga window which has bars resembling a wireless connection graphic, and it has no colours in it.

Might his mean that Ekiga can't work with wireless?

My PC is 1.7 Celeron and 1.5 gig RAM which should be ample.