View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound issues

September 15th, 2009, 02:41 PM
Hello, thank you for checking this thread :)

I am having problems with 5.1. Ive googled a lot of articles, posts how to make 5.1 speakers work, but all was in vain.

I managed to make all of them work, but here comes the problem... Channels are "mixed", my Rear right speaker became Sub buffer and my center speaker became rear right and etc. I tried many different .asoundrc configurations but none of them even worked.

When i check my sound preferences in that thingy at right top of dekstop i cant find any Front, or Rear speakers. It might be realated to the fact that my sound card has 3 socks, where third works as both sub and mic soc depending on what you plug in.

Does anyone know how to actually solve this problem without recompiling kernel and similar stuff?

Thanks in advance :)