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September 15th, 2009, 05:57 AM
keywords I searched on google before I decided to contribute this possibly redundant knowledge.

laptop new battery wont boot

Dell m65 precision laptop
new 9cell battery ~7600 mAp
old battery - unknown cells (idc)
running 9.04 jaunty

Laptop won't boot from new battery (~98% charge). Will boot from new battery with AC-cord plugged in.
Removal of AC results in immediate power-down (unhealthy) of the machine. . .

Insert old battery, work on dock (at work) for ~8 hours, shutdown, come home.
Then insert new battery (~98% charge), no boot, etc.

1. Change bios settings to include "Thorough" boot instead of "Quick". Whatever that does.
2. Inserted the "Old" battery, and ran on battery mode until the computer ran out of power. The sucker runs red after a quick ~15 min or so. Red-flashing-battery-symbol LED and everything.
3. Now that the laptop is off, insert the new battery (~97% charge) back in, and boot.
4. Now it decides to boot just fine. (yay)

I am almost certain there is a forum post somewhere that has this same phenomena documented. I just want to save someone 10 minutes of googling for who-ever-else shares this same laptop-model.

Post Script - if this post is considered clutter, moderators can totally delete it. I just think it would be nifty to contribute. =)

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